Libre Browser

the browser that protects your privacy

Coming to all desktop platforms

Why use Libre Browser

A browser built for browsing

Your data is your property, no more data spillage and harvesting in the background while browsing.

We want to bring back the core functionality of the browser, which is browsing the internet in a privacy-friendly manner.

Always Incognito, always Private

LibreBrowser is incognito by default and will reset everything on each restart. Giving you a fresh start each time you start the browser.

Get rid of lingering tracking cookies and enjoy the Internet with a new and fresh persona each time.

Chromium at the core, but without Google

Built on Chromium with open source code but without the dependency on Google web services and tweaks to enhance privacy, control, and transparency.

We also support for extensions and skins where some opt-in preferences carry over between restarts.

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